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My mother recently had a very significant birthday. In the run up, I spent ages trawling the internet for gift ideas. As far as I can tell, she has everyTHING she needs. She may also have everyTHING she wants. So, what THING do I give her?

There are endless proverbs on the subject of the wealth of happiness vs material wealth. You might be someone who believes that having the latest gadget or car will bring you happiness. I posted a while ago about gadgets having built-in obsolescence (I love that phrase!). So it follows that the latest gadget is not going to be ‘latest’ for long, and that the pursuit of happiness via gadgetry, or THINGs, is endless. 

The proverb, or story, that came to my mind was actually a Christmas Carol. The final verse of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ says this:
“What can I give him, poor as I am; if I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb. If I were a wise man, I would do my part; yet what I can I give him: give my HEART.”

So the best gift I can give is a piece of myself. Or looking at it another way, the best gift I can give to myself is my own heart, my own happiness.

When you decide to give your heart, or you want to find out what I actually gave my Mum for her birthday, call me on 01386 701591 or email