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A client of mine has introduced me to a wonderful metaphor…..don’t be distracted by the smaller crocodiles next to the canoe, focus on the great big ones which are basking on the bank. 

Because they will look even bigger by the time they are next to your canoe!

When it comes to tackling problems, so many of us prefer to wait until it’s a really big deal. We don’t want to waste time on small things. When in fact, if you ‘nip them in the bud’ it takes less time and effort. Look at the picture below…. that was probably just a small knot of string to begin with, and now it’s so out of control it’s taking two people to tether it.

In myself, I notice I can procrastinate around conflict. I’m quite straight talking most of the time, but when I’ve got a boundary issue with someone else (ie my feelings are involved), gosh do I avoid having the difficult conversation. And then the problem just gets bigger and bigger. Kind of like one of those ballons on the end of a gas pump. And yes, you’ve guessed it, when I least want it to, the ballon explodes and I lose control. So the clear-up operation is even bigger.

Have you got anything like that going on in your life at the moment? Want to talk about it before it gets out of hand? Give me a call quickly!!

Lao Tzu said: “Deal with the big while it is still small.”