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Monty Python  

The funny thing about pedestals….. if you put a person up on a pedestal they will have no choice but to look down upon you! John Precor.

I know that in the past I have put friends, family, and colleagues on a variety of pedestals. Do you do that?

When you do that, notice how you create expectations about those who are standing aloft. Have you considered that they might feel and be crippled by your expectations? And what happens when they don’t meet your expectations?

I’ve been working with some Directors in the last few years. One of their challenges was putting more senior colleagues on pedestals and then constantly looking up to them, whilst believing themselves to be inferior or somehow less capable. They had an expectation that those on the pedestals needed to be knocked off them. 

There’s another approach which is much more powerful. When asked to describe their skills and achievements to date, they noticed the steps they’d already taken, and their courage and self-confidence returned. Did they want to knock others off their pedestals? No! They were going to take the step-up and join them. In some cases, I’ve actually put a box on the floor or used a chair for clients to stand up on. They physically step up. 

I encourage you pedestal creators out there to take a long look at how fabulous you are. And take a step up. It’s a wonderful view from up here. So much clarity and lots of fresh air!

stand on rail.jpeg