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We all say and do things we regret in the heat of the moment, which can have serious long-term consequences.

In my last organisation, we went through a protracted period of change when a number of middle managers were facing redundancy, whilst working with new bosses and still managing teams of staff who also might not have a job at the end of the process. Working as a Manager in this environment was probably one of the most challenging times I have ever experienced at work.

On more than one occasion, I coached a senior colleague who was finding it really difficult to keep his cool. One day, he sought me out because he was about to blow a gasket with his new line manager. I asked him what he wanted to achieve at the end of the restructure, what his outcome was. Once that was nailed, it was easy for him to reflect that his current behaviour might be unhelpful in achieving that outcome, and also keeping him in an emotional state which wasn’t useful for him.  His shoulders dropped a few inches, his breathing slowed down, and he was able to come up with suggestions about how he could move forward positively with his new boss.  Sorted.

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