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Recently I went along to a workshop about using Joseph Campbell’s work – The Hero with a Thousand Faces – as a model for coaching. For those of you who don’t know (and I was one of them), his book suggests that throughout mythology, the journey of the Hero is the same. Let me explain…… the hero receives a call to an adventure or quest, which after a few ‘shall I or shan’t I’ discussions, the hero answers. After answering the call, the journey begins. Along the way the hero encounters challenges, perhaps in the form of dragons, monsters, evil witches and so on, and has to overcome each of these challenges in order to succeed in the quest. As a result, the hero learns something about themself, and on returning to the life they left, the hero is changed.  

So, if you are struggling to make sense of this story, think of Star Wars, or Superman. Luke Skywalker and Clarke Kent are seemingly pretty ordinary. At the outset, neither is aware of their super-power. And each somehow end up answering the call to “Save the World”, which changes them forever. 

During the workshop, my mind wandered, as yours might currently be wandering, to my own life. I started thinking about various challenges I’ve risen to over the years, and how I have evolved as a result. I noticed that sometimes, when a challenge is overcome, that I haven’t always taken the time to celebrate that achievement, or spend time recognising the changes that occurred as a result. I haven’t always celebrated and embraced the new ‘ME’.

We all love a superhero, right? Maybe you will start to notice your own superhero, and the quests you undertake. Have you celebrated your achievements lately?

I wonder if it’s time for you to show the world how heroic you are?