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I always listen to the radio in the morning when I’m getting up. I’m a Radio 2 person, as I prefer to have music rather than chat. Sometimes, one of my favourite feelgood songs will be played, and I’ll turn up the radio and dance round the room. I feel absolutely fantastic by the end of the song. And I’ve noticed that this has a dramatic impact on my mood, and on the rest of my day.

On these days, it seems there’s good news all day. And I feel great, on top of the world, all day long. Nothing is going to change that.

There’s a part of the human brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). It performs many critical functions, the most crucial of which is to maintain the consciousness. It has another important role, which is dreaming. It makes sense of the world around us and categorises elements of our daily routines. Let me give you an example. Imagine you are driving along in a car, and the passenger turns to you and says ‘have you ever noticed how many green campervans there are?’, your RAS will automatically focus on finding green campervans, and you will suddenly notice them all. It’s not that more have suddenly appeared on the road, it’s that you are now noticing them.

This is the law of attraction. When you focus on a positive thought or activity, your RAS will enable you to notice more of the same throughout the day and into the future. The negative is also true, and will of course keep you in a negative state.

So, if you knew that your brain can give you the power to focus only on the positive, enabling you to set positive goals, and realise your dreams, why wouldn’t you let it help you?

When I was Googling the Laws of Attraction, I came across this video. It’s about dreaming BIG. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.