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Driving home on a sunny afternoon, sunroof open, and a Spotify playlist called “70’s Roadtrip” blaring through my car speakers. Summer is here and it feels good.


A song came on that I haven’t heard in for some years. The Long Way Home by Supertramp. I love it, and the album Breakfast in America, was one of my early purchases. As I was driving along, I realised that this song has quite a hidden meaning.

On the surface, it’s about a man who is avoiding going home because that’s back to normality. He would rather stay out and live in his dreams than surrender to his reality. Look a little deeper, and the song is a metaphor. It’s about finding a route to our true selves, our home, our heart. And this route or journey is often lengthy.

Both the surface and deeper meaning really work here from a metaphorical perspective. I notice that we spend a lot of time and energy avoiding what is rather than surrendering to it. If we don’t understand our reality, how can we embrace it or know how to change it? I notice how often my clients relax when they acknowledge their reality, let it in. Shoulders lower and breathing slows. There’s a calm. 

I realise as I write this is turning into another blog about the power of acceptance. And I don’t mean accepting and sticking with something which is wrong for you. I mean accepting what is, embracing and understanding. And then choosing to change if it doesn’t work for you.

Resistance is tiring. It uses a lot of energy. And like the journey home, if you keep turning left you are going to go round and round in circles and it’ll be a very, VERY long journey home.

Breakfast in America came out before the age of music video. So here’s a live version performed by Roger Hodgson of Supertramp. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did, and as much as he clearly enjoyed performing it 😉




Breakfast in America.jpg