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I promised to share with you The Sage perspective from the PQ programme I’m doing at the moment…I can’t leave you sitting alone with your Saboteurs!

Midway through the programme, after you’ve spent a few weeks identifying your saboteurs, you are introduced to your Sage. The Sage is a part of you that’s always there, and whose wisdom can often be lost or not heard by the chaos and chatter created by The Saboteurs.

Personally, I find my Sage wisdom is very often located in my gut-brain. It’s the voice I know to be true for me, and one which I can access more easily when I’m feeling calm and open to whatever emerges.

Your Sage has the gift of shifting a negative experience into an insight, power or gift. You probably already do this at times by reframing something negative which has happened and choosing to see something positive which comes from it. And I’m learning that to strengthen my Sage, I need to practice.

This system is so beautiful in its simplicity. And so kind too. No judgement. And it works by identifying the saboteur thought/activity, making cognitive space by a short mindful activity (known as PQ reps), which then allows the Sage Perspective to be heard and acted upon.

The Sage has 5 superpowers, with Empathy being the greatest. Empathy first for yourself before others. Empathy is the super-power to combat The Judge. By loving and respecting oneself more, we weaken the voice of our Judge.


You can find out more about Shirzad Chamine’s programme here. And if you’d like to explore more with me your Saboteurs and Sage, drop me a line.