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I am sure there are many of you out there, like me, who are self-employed and working from home. Making the transition from employee to self-employed is quite a challenge, especially getting one’s head around being able to work when and where you want, rather than the prescribed Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. It should be liberating, but it feels strangely weird.

When you are a full-time home-worker, and taking forward your business offering, brand, marketing strategy AND trying to find clients, I can tell you the voices in your head can be quite loud at times. The inner dialogue.
I’ve just discovered the practice of Co-working. Someone hires a room, enables Wi-Fi access, organises refreshments and provides a loo. People come. Amazing. 

What intrigues me is how the physical office space enables people to communicate and share ideas, and have a laugh. Yet all of this is available to us all the time, not just in an office. What stops us from reaching out to friends and colleagues on a daily basis, asking for help and advice, obtaining feedback. 

I will definitely continue Co-working, but it’s also made me realise that all the benefits of Co-working are at my fingertips every day, and has motivated me to reach out on a daily basis and make contact with someone new.
Thanks Jelly!

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