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As I’m writing this, I am myself in a Waiting Place. I’m waiting in the customer area of my local Mini dealer while the service team correct a minor problem with my car. It’s very comfy here, with wi-fi, fresh coffee, sofas and muzak. Thankfully I have my laptop with me and am able to progress a number of initiatives, and move forward with my day. So I’m not in THE Waiting Place.

I am working with a client who wants an action plan for their life – not unusual. In order to achieve it, they want focus, planning and consistency. When asked whether this was within their control, the answer was Yes. What was stopping them from achieving it themself? Belief. They are in THE Waiting Place.

Someone else said they began things, gathered momentum, and then someone took the wind out of their sails, so they always faltered and stopped. Who might that someone be? Good question. They send themselves to THE Waiting Place!

I myself am in THE Waiting Place in some areas. I’m waiting for a colleague to suggest some dates for us to meet up and plan some workshops. Why? Good question. I’m waiting to see what happens with a particular initiative I’m involved with before deciding on progressing another project. Why? Good question. 

If you want to get out of The Waiting Place, how are you going to achieve that? By waiting? Nope. The only way out of The Waiting Place is to ACT. I know this to be the case, so I will be exploring why I have chosen to move into The Waiting Place in a couple of areas.  If you want to understand what’s causing your stay in The Waiting Place, take action.

What are you waiting for?

Dr Seuss wrote many fantastic children’s books, packed full of metaphors for life. One of my favourites, called ‘Oh the places you will go’ is a wonderful story about the ups and downs of life, including a fabulous description of The Waiting Place. I am sure you will have six minutes to spare to hear John Lithgow reading the full story here. Try to resist, I dare you!