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“I think ageing is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should’ve been” is a quote attributed to David Bowie. My husband is a huge Bowie fan and would say that Bowie is the soundtrack to his life.

I agree with David Bowie’s sentiment. I feel more me aged 57 than at any point in my life so far. Like a beautifully distilled and aged spirit. What I disagree with is the notion that one cannot access this wisdom at an earlier age; that youth and wisdom are somehow mutually exclusive.

We were all born with an inner wisdom, our gut instinct. It’s the early warning system we are all equipped with and it’s purpose is to protect us and keep our choices aligned with our sense of self. You know that scenario when you say “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something not quite right…”? That’s you gut speaking to you. And it speaks through connection, when we encounter something or someone physically, it gives us an instinctive response. Unquantifiable.

Yet we all grew up in a world which is very data driven. We are asked to make choices based on data. Rather look at evidence than what we might be feeling about a person or situation.

What I notice about ageing is that I’m more inclined to make decisions based on my gut, which are right for me, and which may not always be popular with others. There’s a certain disinhibition which comes with age. Maybe it’s linked to the ticking clock of one’s life counting down. I feel less obliged to compromise myself at this age and do things which don’t fit for me.

You don’t need to wait to listen to your gut. Do it now. Start listening for its voice and acting on it. Do what feels right for you. Others will be happy with a simple “no thank you, this isn’t right for me.” Hold your boundary.

And if you have trouble hearing your gut, sit up straight. Your gut communicates to you through your vagus nerve which can be disrupted if you are slouching.

I think life is an extraordinary process and living your true life enables you to be who you are.