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I can’t believe in all these years that I’ve never blogged about Yoda. He’s had some very insightful one-liners in the last 30 odd years!

Many years ago now I attended a leadership and personal development event. It was very intense and took five days to complete. Early on in the piste, the trainer talked to us about trying. He told us to try and wave. So pretty much everyone in the group waved at him. His response was: “No, that IS waving. TRY and wave.” Lots of confusion followed by small waves. Same response from the trainer. The point being if you TRY to do something, you don’t succeed. 

Yoda said: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Our minds like to insert the “try” as a protection from failing. Which is daft, as it causes us to fail. When we try, we don’t put in the same effort. We believe we aren’t going to make it. So we don’t.

I speak from experience here. In the realms of physical motivation, I know when I’m doing deadlifts at a new increased weight, if I tell myself “oh, this is going to be heavy, I’ll see if I can lift this, but I probably won’t be able to” which is long way of saying to myself “I’ll try”. Then guess what, I can’t pick up the bar, or I’ll only get it so far. 

If I tell myself that I’m strong and this is well within my capability, then there’s no problem at all. By the way, this isn’t me deadlifting…

The most important story you’ll ever hear is the one you tell yourself. Stop Trying and Start Doing!