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Like most people, I absolutely love December and the approach of Christmas. I don’t get excited about it until December, but I do like to throw myself into the season when December arrives. I’m a sucker for an advent calendar with a bit of glitter on it, Christmas lights and interesting Christmas tree decorations. 

And being a singer, I LURVE singing carols, and with my two choirs, have six carol concerts to sing in before Christmas Eve arrives. Love it.

However…… It’s also a time of year which amplifies feelings, whatever they are.

Funny how when someone or something tells you it’s time for you to be jolly and happy, the instinctive response can be to do the exact opposite. So you are then swimming against the tide of popular feeling. Gosh, that’s stressful isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be easier to go with the flow?

A few years ago I discovered a little piece of software which allowed you to ‘Elf Yourself’. I expect most of you have come across it. Anyway, I ‘elfed’ my family and created a video. As I don’t want to subject them to ridicule, here’s a Harry Potter version I found on YouTube. 

Try to resist feeling jolly when you watch this. I wonder if it’ll get you into the Christmas Groove?

Elf Yourself!