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If cycling was going to be my thing, this is the bike I’d like. Built for style and comfort rather than speed.

Ever noticed what happens when you get stuck? And I mean stuck like you keep having the same old conversations in your head, like Groundhog Day? You don’t actually do anything, make any changes, but are exhausted by the constant inner monologue?

Whether you’ve got to make a difficult decision, or aren’t sure how to get from A to B, the behaviour is often the same. All talk and no action!

And that feels crap doesn’t it? Out of sorts. Out of control. You might literally topple under the weight of that inner monologue. 

There’s another way. Do something different. Just one thing. Doesn’t matter how small. If you did know how to get from A to B, what would be the first step? Then take it.

Wow, doesn’t that just feel amazing. Suddenly you are off, and now you can see what steps to take next. It all falls into place, and somehow you’ve regained your sense of equilibrium, of balance.

I came across this quote recently: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”