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I’ve just been listening to the writer Tony Jordan being interviewed on Radio 2 this morning about The Nativity, and in particular, Joseph’s story.

It’s quite simple really. It’s all about Trust. As he said, imagine meeting up with your friends in the pub one evening to tell them that you’ve got your fiance with you, she’s pregnant, still a virgin, and the child is God’s son. And some great big angel came down and told you about it. And you are cool with it. Pretty surreal huh?

I’ve recently hit a bump in the road with my own relationship. And the central issue is about Trust. In my case, trusting others to do the right thing, and specifically trusting that they love me enough not to hurt me. 

Tony Jordan’s message struck me so profoundly, I came straight to the keyboard. Today of all days, trust that you are loved. And trust that those around you only have your best interests at heart.

Merry Christmas xxx