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  1. It’s now a month since we all made our New Year Resolutions. How are you doing? Are you sticking with it? I know I wrote about something resolution-related this time last year – don’t worry, I’m not going to do it again!

    My thought process at the moment is about perseverance. So I suppose it is sort of related to resolutions (or resolve…). Have you noticed that in this day and age, if we don’t achieve what we want, there are so many alternatives, that we simply switch to something else, rather than persevering with the original objective? I know, a deep thought about our disposable culture.

    A friend drew my attention to this video on YouTube:{"video":"","width":"400","height":"225"}

    Now that’s what I call perseverance! 

    So, if you started down a particular path, and stopped, I wonder whether you will choose to discover what stopped you on that path…. or not? Perhaps you chose the wrong path, perhaps it wasn’t your path, or perhaps it was a steep path. 

    But what if it was the right path, but a bit steep and with some rocky patches. Imagine the feeling of achievement and satisfaction to get to the end of that path and reach your destination. Feels great, doesn’t it?