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One of my favourite lockdown movies was Bugsy Malone. I hadn’t watched it since childhood and one Friday evening it popped into my consciousness. Dinner and a glass of plonk later, we sank into the sofa to reconnect with it.

What a joy!

Children playing adults in a fictional prohibition-era environment where the guns fire lemon-meringue pie. The gangs are Capone-esque and the girls are blousy. 

It was the central theme (the story and the music) which I found so potent. We could have been anything that we wanted to be. And when you are young, there are so few of us who know what that is. Most of us fall into something, do something we are good at as opposed to actually enjoy. And I’m encountering more and more people, especially since the start of the pandemic, who are both wistful about the wasted time, and energised by the prospect of living purposefully, in equal measure. 

If you are considering embracing your ‘what we wanted to be’, let me help you find your purpose and start afresh.

Enjoy watching the closing scene from the movie….follow the link above.