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During lockdown we got engaged, and now we’ve set a date in September 2021. It’s all very exciting. 

But setting the date has sent me into ‘goal mode’. And the thing I’ve really been struggling with is what size I want to be and what I want to wear.

I’ve traditionally really struggled with setting individual targets. I don’t seem to motivate towards them. I know I’m really good if it’s a team effort as I’m more worried about letting other people down, and perhaps also there’s a competitive element for me.

But when it comes to my own weight/size and health, I struggle with goals.

In my last blog, I wrote about the unfolding approach. A technique which has worked really well for me recently has been to use a Vision Board. For the last couple of years I’ve made one using old magazines, and stuck it somewhere prominent. And I have noticed that a year on from that Vision Board, I’ve achieved my vision. Without setting a single goal.

So I’ve decided to do one for my wedding day, to include a Size version of me, and some outfits, and the other elements which are really integral to my pleasure on the day. I promise to share it with you when it’s done.

Many of us are adjusting to a constantly evolving situation. So creating a Vision Board for how you’d like your life to be now (how you generate an income, your work-life blend, your hobbies, family, friends etc) may help you gain some certainty in this very liminal time.

I’m going to be doing mine on an online platform, as old magazines are hard to come by right now. It’s a lot of fun, why not give it a go!


Vision board.jpg