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If this was the last week of your life, would you do what you are about to do? What would you change?

This was a weekly challenge I received recently in my Five Minute Journal. Very thought provoking indeed.

I do my journaling in the morning whilst having a cuppa in bed. It sets me up for the day, focuses my attention on what’s good in my life and what to look forward to in the day. Each page in the journal has a quote and once a week there’s a challenge too. This one stopped me in my tracks, pen hovvering over my three areas to be grateful for whilst my brain whirred into overdrive with options for my last week.

My attention was focussed.

And the answer was very simple, spend the time with people I love.

But that’s not the point of this story. I then began to wonder why I wasn’t spending more time focussing on the areas which are most important to me in life. Of doing what I want to do rather than pleasing everyone else. Fulfilling my destiny, dreaming my dreams. It sort of stopped me in my tracks. 

So your weekly challenge is exactly as above. What would you do if this was the last week of your life? Let’s not wait until the end of our lives to realise our dreams.