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I became self-employed in April 2012. Since that time I’ve worked sometimes at home, sometimes on client sites, and sometimes at office locations where I’m an Associate. And at home, I’ve never created a proper workspace for me….until now.

Throughout the first two lockdowns during 2020, I worked entirely from home in various locations with varying degrees of success and discomfort. My partner also moved in, and we found ourselves shoehorning additional stuff into our tiny cottage. And yet keeping a spare double bedroom for visitors empty. It’s always been important to me to be able to welcome family at short notice and give them a lovely room to stay in. 

The Pandemic has highlighted so much for many of us. Perhaps the most common expression I hear is about prioritising the important things in life, to be able to lead a purposeful life and enjoy the time and space we all have at home. And our living space just wasn’t working for us.

One Saturday morning in early December, I lightly proposed changing the purpose of our spare room to an office space for both of us to use. And was surprised at the immediate take-up. My partner will be starting a Reiki business on the side, hopefully later this year, and converting the spare room would also provide a space at home for him to be able to see clients. 

We set about the project with gusto, and completed the conversion by the middle of January. The first time I sat down at my new desk, in our new Studio (important that it’s not just an office space), I experienced a whoosh of energy for my business that I haven’t had in some time. I realised that I hadn’t had my own desk since becoming self-employed, and how that somehow translated for me a space in which to work and feel professional and purposeful. Who knew?!

We’ve managed to make the space dual purpose so that family can still be comfortably accommodated. And create a peaceful, positively energised space, from which to be creative and for our professional lives to thrive. 

The message here is to make the adjustment for what’s truly important. You’ll have no idea how it’ll change things positively for you until you try.

I had a beautiful door sign made by a friend who uses woodland flowers and resin to create all sorts of pieces. We love it. 

The Studio (2).jpg