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Change impacts teams. They can thrive, survive or dive. Our work is to help teams who are in dive or survive transform into thrive.

The Power of Truth and Reconciliation

When times are tough, it’s easy to bury our heads in the sand. We ignore the signs because it’s just too difficult. It’s natural to want to protect ourselves from pain. But burying it means it never gets fully resolved. This can keep teams stuck in dive or survive, and you may hear people say things like “I feel like I’ve been thrown under the bus”, or “We are in a negative spiral and I feel like I’m drowning”, or “I feel as if I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I can’t cope” and “I hate working here now – since the restructure I’ve been doing two people’s jobs and it’s just not tenable any longer”.

We believe people deserve to feel a deep sense of safety and belonging in their workplace, and to be in a work environment that brings out the best in them. Teams that are in dive or survive deserve to find their way out of that chaos and into thrive.

We begin by helping you to acknowledge what is true, rather than by trying to fix or change things. By creating the conditions for exploration we honour the wisdom and talent of participants and we don’t pretend to be subject matter experts on what your team needs. 

We encourage people to speak, be heard, listen deeply and collaborate in a way which might be unusual in the work environment. 

When people are acknowledged without judgement, they relax. Then their best thinking and creativity can shine through. We create this space for openness, dialogue, reflection and creative leadership to emerge. 

Learning the Lessons

Teams that discover and integrate the positive lessons from past hurdles are able to thrive.

Traditional approaches like team building events, courses, performance reviews or programmes of change often act as a sticking plaster. They rarely address the energetic impacts from past events that are emotionally held within the team or team members.  This can prevent deep and lasting changes to group dynamics from occurring, despite time, money and effort being thrown at the problem. You’ll never move into a space of harmony and growth, of thriving.

What’s it costing you?

If you aren’t sure what to look for, from a commercial perspective the most common sign that a problem exists is unpredictability with the team’s performance. People who are going through the motions; doing what’s needed to get by and survive not thrive. 

Below are some typical behaviours you’ll see in teams which are in dive or thrive. How is your team performing right now?








Commitment and engagement



Repeated mistakes

Productivity and momentum

Systemic issues (process/systems/approaches)

Positive lessons learned

Fractures and ruptures to team dynamics

Presence: true dialogue, robust conversations


Effective action planning


Enjoyable working environments

Lack of engagement

Aligned decision making


Sense of purpose and meaning

We are here to help your team reconnect to their ability to thrive, which will benefit them individually and positively impact your bottom line.

Why us?

Facilitation from a neutral source can create the space for teams to move through blocks and emerge into a new way of interacting.

As coaches and facilitators, rather than consultants, we are committed to your agenda.  We create the conditions for you to discover your own answers and solutions, by always working with and focusing on your knowledge, expertise and wisdom.  

Our core methodology blends systems thinking, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clean language, coaching and facilitating. We draw upon many models and approaches that we’ve encountered during our experience in business and coaching. 

We have a values driven approach, summarised by being CHECK: Curious, Honest, Expansive, Courteous and Kind.  These are our values and this is how we show up. It is also how we create activities for other people to show up in the room. 

More importantly, we have a combined talent for reading the room. We are both intuitive and perceptive and create safe spaces for individuals to work within. Our great talent is in supporting people to be open and collaborative; creating spaces of trust and creativity. 

Our diverse experience helps us to understand the cultures and complexities of many organisations, large, medium and small. Collectively we have worked in public, private and third sectors, and from startups to large organisations. We have worked at all levels and support clients from entry level team members to board level.

Here is our Testimonial from Derby City Council.

If you are curious about your team environment, why not take this free 5 minute quiz which will tell you at a high level whether a problem exists for your team.  You can take this yourself, share with your team, or invite us in to run it for you. 

We can support you by providing Coaching; training; facilitation or a mix of these. All our solutions are bespoke, we don’t offer an ‘off the peg’ solution because we recognise the uniqueness of each situation and peoples’ responses to that. 

If you’ve taken the quiz or have read this article and believe you have a problem, we’d love to have a chat and explore how we can help. 

Here’s how to reach us: Meriel 07793 201 323, Sue 07826 206 753.