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It’s Easter week. I’ve been looking around me, inside and out, for meaning. It’s something I do a lot, rather than to simply take it as it comes. You will have noticed by now if you are a regular reader of this blog, that I use quotes a fair bit. I look for them, and if I find them meaningful, I tend to write metaphorically about them. 

The quote this time is from the Bible, Corinthians: “For the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”. I guess in it’s original context, this is about Faith. I chose the quote because I felt it was encouraging me to spend more time focussing on enriching my life through my soul rather than through the acquisition of material things. 

Why is it okay to spend money on new kit (TV, hi-fi, mobile phone), but to spend money on a massage, maybe some reflexology or counselling, is seen as self-indulgent? This isn’t a rant, as I am guilty of being able to purchase things with ease, but to spend money on improving or helping myself, I see as a luxury. 

What I do notice is that when I spend money on myself – asking for help with a physical or mental challenge – the resultant rush I experience is long-lasting. And sometimes, it’s ever-lasting. Way way longer than the joy of a new mobile phone!

So as we are in the week of resurrection or rebirth, I encourage you all to spend time on yourself, on the bits no-one else but you can see, and enjoy the eternal rush!

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