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I’ve noticed how fantastic we can be at denying ourselves what we really want. A couple of my clients were telling me, consciously, how they really wanted to stay where they were, wait and see what would happen next, make it work etc etc etc. Their unconscious language was screaming ‘get me out of here, I want to try something new!’.

There was no emotion attached to positive sentiments being expressed about staying put. However, the choice of words, tonality and body language all indicated that their conscious mind was attempting a convincer on the unconscious mind that staying put was the best option.

Taking the client through a process which allows them to work through what would be better than staying put can often elicit the real desire. And when that real desire is recognised, the body and language ignite with the passion, and relief, of being able to give in to it. Go on, give in to what you really really want!

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