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Here is always beneath There. Mark Nepo.

My process for writing blogs is to look for inspiration from others. Very often it’s something I’m reading. And for the last several months I’ve been reading The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo every day. It’s a 365 day book with a daily offering. And on leafing through it just now and coming across the above quote, I hadn’t noticed how clever that statement is visually. In “There” the H lower case. Beneath.

I digress. 

December is here. The year is drawing to a close. For many of us who haven’t lived through a conflict, this has been and may well be the most unusual of years. And like many of you, I’m at the end of this year incredibly grateful for what I have.

And in the context of coaching, I notice how often we are drawn into drama and anxiety by thoughts of what we lack. What we aren’t capable of. What we haven’t achieved. What we don’t know. And how all those thoughts make us feel ‘less’ than we are, and less when we measure ourselves against others.

I like to work with clients to help them focus on what they are. What they have. What their strenghs are. To take a more abundant approach. So often we’ve simply forgotten or take for-granted something which comes easily to us. 

As the year draws to a close, I encourage you to think about all that you already are. Mark Nepo said it so elegantly: 

“So often we imagine that ‘There’ is more full of gold than ‘here’. It is the same with love and dreams and the work of our lives. We see the light everywhere but where we are, and chase after what we think we lack, only to find, humbly, it was with us all along.”


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