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Imagine your brain is like a house – upstairs, downstairs, living room, kitchen, bathroom etc etc. Choose your house design and furnish it. Now take it forward in time, you’ve been living there a while and you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. So much in fact that you are finding it hard now to move around your house. Often you move stuff from the main house into the attic, and the attic becomes more and more full. One day you open the attic door to climb into it, and you can’t. And that means you also can’t get in to the attic to take stuff out of it. 

Or maybe you remember the earlier days of computers, when data was stored on floppy discs. And we stored more and more files, watching the space reduce, until one day we pushed it too far and in saving that last file to disc, we overfilled it. And it froze. The computer froze, and we could not access any of the information we’d stored on the disc. 

We hoard information and experiences in our minds. And this continual hoarding causes our minds to become full, so that piece of information we so carefully stored away for a rainy day suddenly becomes inaccessible. Has that ever happened to you? That complete mind-freeze, blank staring response to a question? 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to let go of the unhelpful stuff, create some space, and allow more helpful stuff to settle in? A friend of mine gave me a fridge magnet which says ‘holding onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent free in your head’. We only need to be told something negative once and we hang onto it. We need to be told something positive six times before our brains will store it. A ratio of 6:1. 

What rubbish is in your attic that it’s time to let go of and make way for some more of the good stuff? 

I Googled images for ‘brain and house’ and not surprisingly the results returned lots of pictures of Hugh Laurie. Not that I don’t love ‘House’ but I went for this Dilbert instead 😉

Dilbert hoarding knowledge.jpg