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Vicky Pollard. Hilarious and horrifying creation of Little Britain.

Whilst I was clutching my sides from the pain of laughter at her outbursts, I didn’t notice that inevitably, she was blaming someone else in her story. Walliams and Lucas were painfully insightful about the ease with which we dodge personal responsibility these days.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is taking responsibility for our own behaviours, responses and actions. It’s the difference between ‘I do this because’ and ‘I do this’. 

Accepting and owning our responses is one step. Another one is to explore why they are our responses. That involves some learning, and change if we want it. 

Another Note from The Universe: “Very simply Meriel, the more that you accept responsibility for, the more power you have. Doesn’t that rock? Love, The Universe.”

If you’d like to understand, change and own your response, give me a shout.