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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae West.

YOLO, a new acronym for me.

I was working with a life coaching client this morning, and we were discussing values. He had trouble articulating his, so I asked him what was important to him in life. That got him going and from there he was able to articulate six or so attributes and behaviours he considered vital for his existence.

But what’s the point of knowing them? Well, so that we live the best life that we can for us. We make decisions and choices with our values in mind. We are always aligned to them. We notice when we are out of alignment and we feel anxious, stressed, conflicted with ourselves. 

Mae West’s quote is so apt. If you do it right – that is, right for you – once is enough.

I can’t blog about YOLO without mentioning it’s most famous relation, You only live twice. If you are unfamiliar with this Bond theme, sung beautifully by Nancy Sinatra, have a listen below.

You only live twice or so it seems, one life for yourself and one for your dreams….

I’m suggesting that your dreams will materialise if you live life true to your values. Why wouldn’t you want to live the life of your dreams?