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Before I write a new blog, I always have a look back to see whether I’ve written something similar in the past. Sometimes I write about the same topic in many different ways as I think it’s a message worth repeating. This is one of those times…

I’ve written a few blogs about The Law of Attraction and explained the neuroscience behind this. And it’s the latter I want to focus on now.

In the limbic system of our brains is something called The Reticular Activating System (RAS for short). It has a number of important functions. One of those is to determine what data to let in based on what we focus on. That’s how it knows what is important to us.

We are having to process roughly five times more data than we did in the mid 1980s. The internet is the main culprit of this increase (note the irony of this online blog….). The average human brain processes about 34 gigabytes of data each day. There’s a computer phenomenon known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). When your computer simply isn’t able to process the data requirement. And this is what would happen to our brains if our attention filter, or RAS, wasn’t working as hard as it does. 

With the ever increasing volume of data to process, it’s sooooo important that our RAS is an effective bouncer: if the data looks right, it gets entry. If it’s a bit wonky, it’s barred. 

If you tell yourself every day that: you won’t have enough time; you are useless at leading people; you’ll never be confident enough to make presentations; or ever be thin…. guess what? Your RAS will go away and find you the evidence that: you don’t have enough time; you are a useless leader; you are wracked with self-doubt; and you are fat. Because that’s what you’ve told it to do. 

Be very careful what you ask your RAS to focus on. Because we are having to process so much more data than ever before, it simply won’t see any of the flipside evidence. So when you complete something on time in time, your RAS won’t remind you of this. Or when you make healthier food choices. Your RAS will remind you of the one chocolate bar. Or when you stood up and did a fantastic presentation, your RAS will remind you of all the times you bombed.

And another thing. Your RAS is also involved with your sleep function. So if you tell it that you always wake up early, or wake up through the night. Your RAS will wake you up! And it works this way so that it supports your belief. It’s job is to confirm what is true for you.

It is very easy to ask your RAS to switch it’s focus onto some more helpful activities and behaviours. It has to be done every day (it’s like forming a new habit). Journalling is a great way to do this. To reprogramme your RAS for a more positive and abundant lifestyle, give The Five Minute Journal a try. And go all out and get the hard copy then you won’t be distracted by all the other data from your phone if you have the app version!